What to expect

First Visit

When you arrive on your first visit please take a seat in the waiting area. You will then be ushered into the office and your Chiropractor will come in and greet you. On your first visit your Chiropractor will explain what you can expect. The initial consultation will include;

  • A History Taking
  • Postural and gait analysis
  • Neurological, Orthopaedic and Chiropractic examination

On this first visit you may be asked to wear a gown. If you are uncomfortable with this then please let us know and we will discuss the alternatives.

If your Chiropractor decides to adjust on the first visit, it will be a conservative emergency treatment. Treatment is not usually performed on first visit because many of the examination procedures are already challenges to your body. If your presenting condition is more complex, then treatment will not take place on your first visit; this enables the Chiropractor to sit down and carefully consider the results of the examination and the best plan of management for you. If it is appropriate, treatment will start on your second visit.

Second Visit

Your Chiropractor will discuss the findings from your initial examination and answer any questions that you may have regarding them. The most appropriate treatment plan will be proposed regarding frequency of visits and at what point to schedule a review session. At a review session you will receive an examination of areas that were causing a problem initially and findings can be related back to that session so you can see how you have progressed since then. At this point a new treatment plan may be recommended, possibly involving you performing some exercises or leaving longer between treatment sessions to see how your body performs.

Wellness Care

We recommend some form of continuing care for our patients as we believe that they are beneficial in maintaining a good quality of life and the prevention of injury.


  • Initial consultation (includes history taking, examination, explanation of findings and emergency treatment if required) – £45
  • Treatment session – £35